Cowabunga it is!

So, this happened. Picked up an early model 1UZFE this weekend. It came with a good ECM, the engine stand, and a pile of extra parts for just $200. Hard to pass up, especially after pricing out 2JZ builds. This will probably Definitely be more fab work and probably Definitely a total pain in the ass but fuck it. If I wanted it easy I wouldn’t have this car.

Not sure that I’ll actually use the stock computer in the long run. I guess it depends on what parts exactly I can get to fit under the hood. I know it’s going to be a tight fit for sure. At least there are some others who have done this ahead of me, so I will attempt to learn from their mistakes. The oil filter will need to be remote for sure and I may need to just run a sump entirely. Lots of planning to do. Time to pull out the old cradle and do some measuring.