Got my car back

After 11 years missing I finally found it! I am told the engine is blown and they want to get rid of it. I suspect someone fooled around with the Apexi Neo or cranked the boost. Maybe they found out about the stupid fuel cut system the hard way. It had ARP studs and a solid copper head gasket so who knows maybe they spun the crank or melted a piston. Even if the block is fubar I am just super excited to get it back. I am older now and can actually kind of afford to tear into it. Let’s just get it home for now.

The turbo is missing. After wiring up the exhaust with bailing wire, we got it up on the trailer.

Well the Texas sun was not kind to the paint. That’s a shame but at least there is no rust that I’ve found. We picked it up this afternoon from a farm in the middle of nowhere. Looks like the exact same shitty tires that it had 11 years ago. Rear interior is gone but im pretty sure that was like that before. Someone put their knee in the front and pushed in a small dent that ill need to work out. It’s not as clean as I had hoped but im still very happy to have her home. So far we have cleaned out one literal rat’s nest and a snakeskin that was at least 4 ft long.

Home at last. Parked next to another project.

The turbo has mysteriously gone missing as well as the Apexi NEO fuel computer and Turbo XS dual stage boost controller. Momo steering wheel is still there though and my shitty boost gauge. I’ll miss the boost controller the most as they don’t make them anymore and it was completely mechanical. I’ll have to build my own I guess. Not sure yet if ill rebuild this engine or what. The fuel system on these are notoriously shitty so at the very least ill be going with a new custom intake for MPI and megasquirt. Time to start making a list…

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